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Victory Steps Academy Mission

Learning With No Limits

At Victory Steps Academy, we provide high quality care in combination with a stimulating environment for children 6m to 13 years old. We believe a victory is not solely measured by its impact on others but, the steps that were taken to come closer to greatness. At Victory Steps Academy, we have built a curriculum designed to impact the whole child through combining Traditional, Modern and Montessori theories.  We have created a stimulating curriculum that includes  Health and Wellness and Mental Health Programs for the community and families of VSA.At Victory Steps Academy we strive for children to use the tools given to them. We have  individualized styles of teaching and philosophical theories to assist children learn organically. We believe not one way of teaching can serve the different learning intelligence's. Therefore, through our hands-on interactive curriculum we have built a strong foundation for children to ensure that their beginning steps are infused with infinite possibilities and opportunities to become the best version of themselves.

VSA Mission: Our Philosophy
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