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Kindergarten Program

Preschool Curriculum

At VSA, the Preschool curriculum was designed to focus

  • Practical Life: Real world living activities that develop a sense of accomplishment and self-recognition, while developing fine motor skills and Patience.

  • Sensory:  Activities that encourage children to use their five senses to develop situational organization and differentiation of skills. It enhances the introduction of language while building a firm understanding of many fundamental concepts that directly lead to better mathematical and Reading skills.

  • Investigative Science: Creates opportunities to explore and develop concrete foundations for understanding the world.

  • History & Geography: Develops an understanding of our world by recognizing and celebrating our past and present.

  • Mathematics: A hands-on approach to number concepts, quantity and operations.

  • Language: A firm grounding in perceptual-motor, pre-reading, and pre-writing readiness skills. Children progress to the ultimate goal of establishing the skills for reading and writing success.

  • STEAM:  relates to the real world and helps our children understand how things work and why things work. It is the configuration behind things we see and use in our everyday life. It provides a skill that our children will use in their daily life and real-world problems. It improves the ability to focus on the process and develop inferences while having fun.

  • ·         Inspires higher level thinking

  • ·         Shows children not to accept the status quo and make their own guesses

  • ·         Nurtures an interest and eagerness for research

  • ·         Offers chances for failure in a safe atmosphere

  • ·         Encourages innovative and original thinking

  • ·         Teaches children how to work as a Team

VSA Preschool Program: Activities
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